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Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 7, 2011 5:21 pm

Translated as the “White Snow God,” the Himalayan peak, Sepu Kangri, has an elevation over 2200 ft and being one of the most difficult climbs one can take. The Ski Channel presents: Lost Horizon: The First Ascent of Sepu Kangri specifically documents Mark Newcomb and Carlos Buhler making the first ascent on October 2, 2002 of the 22, 821-foot Sepu Kangri, a notoriously difficult peak in the remote and once-forbidden Nyenchen Tanglha range of eastern Tibet. 

Directed by Frank Pickell, Lost Horizon reveals the team emerging from the thin air, giving insight into the risks and rewards, and sacrificing triumphs of high altitude climbing.

Catch Lost Horizon: The First Ascent of Sepu Kangri on The Ski Channel until August 25.

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                                                Check out a preview of Lost Horizon: The First Ascent of Sepu Kangri below: