Rough Real Remote: Adventure Through Destination Arctic Circle

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 7, 2011 8:40 am

Sisimiut, Greenland – A remote and isolated wonder, Greenland is little understood as a tourism destination. The Vikings named Greenland and Iceland oppositely to confuse people: Iceland is very green and Greenland is very icy. Now, the three partners of Greenland Tourism, Destination Arctic Circle and Air Greenland, hope to entice people to visit their icy wonder.

Six short adventure clips to be released this month over social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo, seeking to educate tourists by sharing the ultimate pioneering spirit of the people and opportunities for the ultimate adventures available in Destination Arctic Circle, Greenland.

The six clips will follow the adventure of Greenlandic heli-ski guide and former Olympic Skiier Arne Hardenberg and Austrian Snowboard Pro Stefan Gimpl as they explore Destination Arctic Circle, a region in the northern part of Greenland.

Their itinerary takes Hardenberg and Gimpl from the extreme cold of Greenland’s Ice Cap watching the magnificent Northern Lights, to heli-boarding on the highest peaks in Western Greenland, to hanging out with urban, Arctic youth in Greenland’s second largest town, Sisimiut. Just the term “Arctic youth” makes it motivational to watch – are they the hipsters of the arctic? The adventurers also stop along the way to go dogsledding, snowmobiling, and learn about the local cultural heritage and food.

“We’re excited to share the experiences of Destination Arctic Circle through the eyes of such adventurous guys as Arne Hardenberg and Stefan Gimpl,” says Mads Pih of Destination Arctic Circle. “Their spirit of discovery brings out the best of what our region has to offer, and we hope it helps adventure tourists around the world connect with our rough, real, and remote destination.”

Each week starting in June, one installment of their adventure will be released on The first episode titled, “Cool Kangerlussuaq,” is already up! Find out what the true Greenland is all about and witness Greenland’s first ever adventure travel campaign through social media.

Over the course of June and July, you can follow the journey on Facebook ( and Twitter (!/dacgreenland).