Hipsters should not be allowed at Apres ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 8, 2011 4:28 pm

There is nothing more that burns my cookies than hipsters. You know who you are. However most hipsters don’t really think they are hipsters, so maybe you don’t know since you’re in denial. That’s a part of the hipster mystic – Being ironic about being ironic. Good grief it’s so tiring, you all exhaust me.  Every time I see one of you walk down the street I question, “How long DID it take you to get ready?” and “Why are you wearing a sweater in July?” Ah, I digress. 

The reason I’m even talking about silly hipsters is the result of finding this circa 2006 American Apparel advert for an American Apparel Magazine (see image to the right).  As you can see in big letters framing the top of a completely ironic hipster couple in bed, it reads simply: Après ski. The guy and his chick are so Fiona Apple’s Criminal music video, aren’t they? Oh, and you’re not a true hipster male unless you are sporting some type of mustache.

If you don’t know what American Apparel is, they are a US clothing company manufacturing and known for basic, solid-colored shirts, leggings, tank tops. You know, all your basic hipster needs.

The only hipsters I want at my après ski are the true, old school hipsters of the Patti Smith brand. The ones who were just hip, putting the “hip” in the “ster.” Does Patti Smith even ski? Whatever, she’s cool and she’s allowed.