NASA Studies Snowboarding Goggles for New Space Technology

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 9, 2011 5:53 pm

Two things I love: Space and Snowboarding. The two magic S’s no doubt. Now this seems like the perfect marriage, doesn’t it? It looks like the final frontier will be getting some help from mountain accessories.

Just in from the masters at GIZMODO, NASA will be studying Recon Instruments‘ HUD goggles for research on new and improved space helmet technologies. What the heck is HUD? Well, since I’m not a gamer (really I don’t get how all you gamers can sit and play video games for hours upon end – I mean I get that you want to escape reality but still) I had to look it up.

So for me and those who don’t know, HUD is “the informational overlay on the game screen that tells you information about your character.” Oh, okay now I understand. Don’t guess how fast you “think” you may be going, know how fast! The special Recon HUD goggles are available worldwide. Check out the video below of Dan Eisenhardt of Recon Instruments talking about these special goggles at CES 2011.

Is this where all goggle technology is headed? Probably, and since NASA knows what’s up and wants to study them you should start saving some money for your new goggles.

NASA will be hitting Arizona this September, goggles and all, to do some tests and formulate more ideas for upcoming helmets. Scott Bleisath, who works out of the NASA Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH!! Yeah, it rocks!!) as the systems engineer currently overseeing the spacesuit informational system in development said, “Recon’s packaging of Heads Up Display goggles is interesting to us in that it provided an opportunity to evaluate utilization of this display technology without the need of wearing a full spacesuit. We have been considering in-helmet displays for some time now, and Recon’s current technology allows us the opportunity to collect early insights into how these displays might work in our future spacesuit designs.”

Cue ”Also sprach Zarathustra” please…