Friday Video Fun: 1977 Kiwi Skiing Greatness

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 10, 2011 9:50 am

Now back by popular demand…Friday Video Fun! This is where I find videos on the interwebs and share their brilliance with all of you.


Oh, man this is probably one of my favorite things. If I was OPRAH I would have included this in my last “My Favorite Things” show: Skiing in the Seventies. No, I’m not talking about the age, I’m taking about the decade. When mustaches were the cool original.

Here is a clip (clip 1 to be exact) from FLARE – A Ski Trip, showing off Kiwi skiing in 1977. Starting off in July at Mt. Hutt in New Zealand, the featured skiers showcase some amazing freestyle skiing including couple freestyling! You can dance if you want to anytime while on skis, especially if it’s 1977. “Stretching the conventional limits to regular skiing,” these old school freestyling images are fantastic.

Then, we are whisked away to August at Coronet Peak in New Zealand, for some jumps and more 70′s styles. At the end of the clip, the guy loses his hat, but what a landing!