Stowe Mountain Resort Summer Attractions

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 14, 2011 11:33 am

Stowe Mountain Resort is opening up Saturday June 18 with it’s Summer attractions and will be providing daily service from 10:30am-4:30pm through September 5, and from then on only weekends until October 16. They are featuring some awesome outdoor attractions for all ages.

Check out the list of Stowe Summer Activities below:

Alpine Slide - Stowe’s alpine slide is an exhilarating 2,300 foot ride down Spruce Mountain on luge-style tracks. You control the speed, depending on your own comfort level. Adult one-ride tickets are $21, and junior tickets are $19. Three-ride packs are also available for $42 (adult) or $38 (junior).

Bungee Trampolines – This attraction consists of a support structure with elevated steel arms, bungee cords, and a series of trampolines. The rider is strapped into a harness, which is suspended between 2 of the arms by bungee cords. The rider then jumps on the trampoline and with the aid of the bungee cords can jump extremely high, even flip forwards and backwards. The Stowe Bungee Tramp will feature 3 jumping stations. Three-ride packs are available for $27 (adult) or $21 (junior).

Inflatable Obstacle Course – See how fast you can run through this pumped-up proving ground. Run it on your own, or go head-to-head with your friends and family for fastest time bragging rights. Three-run packs are available for $21 (adult) or $18 (junior).

Gondola Skyride – A spectacular mountain ascent is provided by the Gondola Skyride. The comfortable, eight-passenger gondolas depart from the Gondola Barn, which is served by its own access road and parking lot approximately ¼ mile north of the historic Mt. Mansfield Base Lodge. Tickets are $24 for adults (round trip), $16 for juniors, $20 for seniors, $18 for a one-way adult ride, $15 one-way junior, and $56 for a family pack. While the Auto Toll Road ends at the Nose, the gondola terminates at Stowe Mountain Resort’s scenic Cliff House restaurant, which is open daily for lunch and select dinners. From there, the Cliff Trail and Long Trail both provide short hikes to the Chin and Mansfield’s true 4,395’ summit.

Auto Toll Road (Previously Opened June 4) Hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm Daily - The Mt. Mansfield Auto Toll Road is over 150 years old. The 4.5-mile unpaved road begins next to the Inn at the Mountain and climbs to an elevation of 3,850 feet. The road ends at a parking lot next to the Mt. Mansfield Summit Station. Tolls are $26 per car ($10 per person over six people). Bikes and motorcycles are not allowed. The road’s upper terminus presents spectacular hiking options. To the north, the Cliff Trail, Long Trail, and Canyon Trail – all about 1.5 miles long and climbing about 550 feet – offer three routes to Mansfield’s “Chin.” Southerly trail options include the Lakeview Trail, Forehead Bypass, and Long Trail to the Forehead. All hikers should stop at the Green Mountain Club prior to hiking for an orientation. Hiking maps are distributed upon arrival. All Day Attractions Packages are available for $76 pre adult and $68 for juniors & seniors. Children age 5 and under are free with a paid Junior or Adult.

For further information visit or call 802-253-3000.