THE STORY Wins the Far West Ski Convention

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 14, 2011 6:24 pm

This weekend in the City of Industry, “The Story” won the presigious Warren Miller Media Award at the Far West Ski Conference.  If you have not been to this event…walk, run, sprint…telemark…whatever it takes – get there! It is one of the best conventions in skiing and stacks up with the biggest of the big. 

On hand were members of Jimmy Heuga’s family and legendary Billy Kidd dressed in traditional cowboy hat and bola tie as well as many movers and shakers of ski.  The best thing about the convention are the people.  You simply could not find a group more devoted to getting on a bus and hitting the slopes as a group!  The event came with a trade show that featured most of the biggest resorts in the country.  Everywhere you looked, there were Mammoth Mountain, Deer Valley, the Canyons, et al banners and booths.

Next year the convention will take place in the City with the biggest baddass in the history of 5’2 Mormon Mayors, Ogden Utah.

“The Story” won its award and then played the 10 minute Stephani Victor segment that flat out leveled the packed ballroom.  We put together a little edit of some of the recent accolades of the film, the Stephani Victor segment and the end credits that always get a great laugh.  

“The Story” stars Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Chris Davenport, Mike Douglas, Bobby Brown, Reggie Crist, Lynsey Dyer, Eric and Erin Pollard, Chris Bentchetler and many other stars of ski and mountain sports.  It was directed by The Ski Channel’s own Steve Bellamy.