Friday Video Fun: Sea & Ski Lotion 80s Bikini Advert

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 17, 2011 2:08 pm

I know you are all really excited for this Friday’s Video Fun video. So, unfortunately there is no specific skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering action per se in the found video this week. I will excuse myself since I found a Tupac themed snowboarding video yesterday. However, even though there’s no mountain action here, there’s action all right.

Look, I’m thinking of all of you. The ones who want to see sexy girls in bikinis. Maybe next Friday I will try to find a video of ladies skiing in their bikini’s in the Pyrenees if it will please. 

The eighties were all about fun, weren’t they? Especially fun in the sun and slapping on some lotion with only an SPF of 2. That’s right, 2. When you wanted a good tan there was no need for SPF 45 (was that even around yet?). Take this Ski & Sea lotion to the beach or while you’re at the mountains skiing, but this lovely lady has chosen to use it while swimming. Not the sea but  close enough for our purposes of advertising.

I don’t know about you but I always hold my suntan lotion bottle in my bikini bottoms (they are certainly in keeping in their advertising with their 1982 photo advertisement to the left and in their commercial below). There’s a new tan in town, for sure. At least it’s required if you’re using Ski & Sea