ESPN asked the Mountain for NBA and Stanley Cup Winners

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 20, 2011 11:21 am

ESPN got around the mountain, getting thoughts from some key mountain pros about who they thought would win this year’s NBA finals and Stanley Cup finals.

John Symms did the foot work asking a few of skiing’s basketball fans (and some who know nothing about the sport) for their picks. Of all of them, only Colby West put his bet on the winning Dallas Mavericks.

Symms also got the low-down on picks for the Stanley Cup finals. If you have been living under a rock, the Boston Bruins beat out the Vancouver Canucks.

For their complete, amazing article and for all interviewed by John Symms, go to ESPN.COM HERE


Here were some of their NBA finals predictions:

Grete Eliassen

“I love basketball but I am not watching the finals, mainly because I don’t have a TV. The Heat will take the win though.”

Tanner Hall


Tom Wallisch


Sarah Burke

“Who’s watching basketball right now? It’s all about hockey! Go Canucks!”

Colby James West

“I kind of want Heat in the end, but the Mavs are hanging in strong so far.”

Jossi Wells

“Michael Jordan and the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls.”

And here were some of the STANLEY CUP finals predictions:


Mike Riddle

“Vancouver is gonna take it home. I thought they’d do it in six but the Canucks have let Boston win a few to keep it interesting. They might go seven so they can win it at home. Too bad the Oilers didn’t make it this year.”

TJ Schiller

“I believe we deliberately lost two in a row just so we’d win the cup here in the city. Nucks in 7.”

Colby James West

“4 to zip? 8 to 1? Stop being so naïve boys. No chance for Van. In the unlikely event that Van pulls it off, the upside is that my friends in Canada are going to be partying pretty darn hard and I will hopefully be there with them. Canada always wins Hockey. Or Russia.”

Peter Olenick

“Bruins all day. Cosco is scared he is going to lose two g’s to me in our little bet and Joe is going to lose Champion of the Day. The Bruins are on fire. Their wins have been crushing to the Canucks’ morale. Vancouver’s wins were both by a single goal, on home ice, with like 18 seconds left. No chance they get that lucky the rest of the series. Boston in 6, for sure.”

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