Jon Hamm skis into 3 more seasons of Mad Men

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 21, 2011 3:41 pm

Yes, Jon Hamm skis…on the set of Friends with Kids in New York with the sexy Megan Fox (picture to the right taken this past February) but he really better get ready to ski on his home show of Mad Men

It was just announced that Jon Hamm aka Don Draper, has locked into doing 3 more seasons of Mad Men. This 3-year deal is estimated at eight figures. That’s a nice lump sum so if Mr. Hamm actually doesn’t know how to ski, then he can buy some equipment and learn!

We want to see Don Draper on skis as soon as possible! Take the Draper family on a ski vacation please. Yes, I’m talking to you Matthew Weiner (pronounced the other way, unlike the Congressman Weiner way). So, yes you better start writing that ski infused episode for this upcoming season.

Fans have been delayed Mad Men greatness until 2012 after creator Matthew Weiner’s negotiations with Lionsgate TV and AMC were extended earlier this year. A very similar delay is currently being had over ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere with lack of snow.

Someone get me a scotch, two fingers and let’s celebrate! Not for the lack of snow though…