Bobby Brown Stops By The Ski Channel Offices

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 22, 2011 10:57 am


“It’s about me having a good time…it’s not about winning.” – Bobby Brown

Winter X Games’ perfect scorer Bobby Brown is a man always looking for mountain adventures. Let’s face it, he’s always in the pursuit of an adventure and doesn’t need to be on the mountain, specifically. At only 20 years old, his skills and his traveling schedule are both insane. He’s also always in good spirits which is yet another reason why he’s so awesome (I can really keep coming up with reasons by the way but there’s only so much space here).

The very charismatic and talented Bobby stopped by The Ski Channel offices this morning for some hang time with CEO Steve Bellamy and the rest of the staff. His stop to our offices and in Los Angeles is a quick one. Besides hanging with The Ski Channel, he’s picking up his car and driving up to Oregon for some Windells Camp session action on Thursday. Is it too late for me to sign-up for camp there this weekend? 

After getting a chance to sit down and talk with Bobby, Bellamy challenged him to a very close ping-pong match ending in a 20-20 tie. It ended in a tie since Bobby got an urgent call and had to peace out. Oh well, we’ll finish that game the next time you stop by!

We did take some video of the ping-pong match…check back soon for that!


Glen Plake giving a watchful eye to Bobby’s ping-pong skills on the television behind him.