Working Out With Lindsey Vonn

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 23, 2011 12:28 pm

It’s hard to follow Lindsey Vonn as she’s constantly on the move from throwing the first pitch at the Dodgers vs. Rockies game, appearing on the Red Carpet for MTVs Movie Awards and receiving the Herbert Preis award in Salzburg, but now she is training hard in Innsbruck. To follow up on one of our recent article’s regarding how to pay attention to your nutrition, its time to focus on the physical workout. 

Lindsey’s main focus is her core. As shown in the picture, her core workouts definitely pay off. Lindsey states, “I love anything on a stability ball. It’s more like play to me, because I can be creative and come up with different ways to exercise.” She exercises powerful movements with physio balls and medicine balls to activate her entire core. Not only do these activities strengthen your core, but they burn calories and are much more effective than boring crunches. 

Multi-directional lunges, squats and jumps can help tone the lower body and develop explosiveness. A challenging exercise Lindsey uses to improve her quickness is the agility ladder and mountain climbers. 

With becoming a better athlete always on her mind, Lindsey even uses her free time to squeeze in some kind of workout. “I also play Kinect, a dance game on the Xbox 360. I dance around and have a great time, but I probably look like a dork.” 

Being as passionate about working out as Lindsey will lead you down the path of getting in top shape!