Friday Video Fun: Dancing in a Retro Ski Suit

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 24, 2011 9:42 am

Two words: Powder Blue. Another two words: Ski Suit.

This Friday Video Fun is brought to you by some people having fun in their (most likely) rented ski house during some much needed après–ski. At first you think there’s only a couple people there, but then the camera person pans and you see lots of people, including a in progress Beer Pong game happening. “Hey guys, take a a break from Beer Pong while Dave shows off his retro powder blue ski suit and entertains us with his dance moves.”

Sure, we’ll call our dancer in this video Dave. He’s definitely got some moves. I like when he gets up on the coffee table too, of course. Who doesn’t like when people dance on tables?

This retro powder blue suit makes me think of space exploration, like many one-piece ski/snowboarding suits do. To pay respect to Dave and his greatness here, I think you should all whip out your old school one-pieces and get down. 

I’m also going to put money down that this ski haus is somewhere in Lake Tahoe. Anyone want to prove me wrong?