Jeremy Jones Amps Teenagers to Take Action Against Climate Change!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 24, 2011 10:18 am

If you are a student at Truckee High School in California, hopefully you did not pick last week to play hooky.  Why?  Because last week local big mountain snowboard guru Jeremy Jones and Arbor team rider Nick Visconti stood in front of a packed auditorium of 500 students to discuss Hot/Planet/Cool Athletes. What better way to get students amped on climate change issues, then having Jeremy Jones lead the discussion?

Hot Planet/Cool Athletes is a climate assembly hosted by professional sport athletes.  Together with a representative from Alliance for Climate Education, Jones and Visconti discussed with students to importance of being environmentally conscious and the necessity toe reduce carbon emissions and take action on the fight against global warming and

Jones, who is the founder of POW (Protect Our Winters), was fresh of the plane from a trip to the Arctic.  He specifically discussed the importance of youth in the global fight against climate change.  Jones reminded students that the driving force behind change lies within the younger generation.  In Jones’s won words he said “as purchasers and tomorrow’s leaders you have a lot of power to influence corporations to make responsible decisions.”

Visconti continued to rally the students by expressing how “talking at [Hot Planet/Cool Athletes] assemblies has been a beautiful experience because it allows for direct face-to-face communication with youth.”  Throwing in some sick snowboard footage and jokes, Visconti and Jones left the students at Truckee High School feeling inspired to take action. 
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(Image above courtesy of Kealan Shilling)