Rock Climb Lake Tahoe this Summer!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 24, 2011 1:28 pm

If you are in the Lake Tahoe area this summer and need a break from the resort scene, then experience Tahoe’s finest rock climbing routes. Tahoe’s offers great tope rope and bouldering for beginners to the experienced climbers. Many climbing areas also offer great hiking and scenic walks to beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

For beginner climbers the way to start climbing is by top roping. Top rope climbs consist of a rope attached to the climber’s harness and goes to a secure anchor on the top and then back down to a the climbers belay partner at the bottom. Top rope climbing will get new climbers used to the highest and comfortable trusting their equipment and partner. For beginners it is best to have a guide teach you the correct way to secure an anchor at the top. Guides can also teach you correct climbing technique. The equipment necessary to top rope climb are ropes, harness, chalk, climbing shoes along with a safe anchor position.

Some of the best locations to top rope are:
Eagle Creek Canyon: offers climbs fit for beginners and the experienced. Climbs are a short ten-minute walk from the parking lot. Near Emerald Bay

  • Ninety-foot Wall offers routes ranging from 5.6-5.10b. 
  • Mayhem Cove: is for the experienced with routes in 5.12b-5.12d

Lover’s Leap is one of the most popular climbing sights in the area. The faces of the cliffs are over 300ft tall. Found in South Lake Tahoe area.

  • Climbs for first time visitors’ range from 5.5-5.7. Some climbs ascend 300 feet.
  • More experienced climbers can take on the difficult 5.7-5.10 routes

Bouldering is another type of climbing that can be found at every climbing sight. When bouldering, climbers do not use ropes but don’t climb as high as top rope climbers do. Climbers will have a safety pad under them incase of a fall. The routes or “problems” are short but very intense using almost all strength to complete. They consist of crimps, slopers and traverses across the face of the rock. Some of the best places to boulder are:

  • The Pie Shop: if sunny and can be climbed almost all year around. Located in South Lake Tahoe
  • Lover’s Leap: also offers great bouldering. With problems ranging from V1-V4

If you are going to ski this July in one of the many open resorts why not take a break and check out the rock-climbing scene. Most climbing shops offer lessons and tours of the area.

More information about areas to climb and guides to the area and be found at the following link: