Crotched Mountain trail provides mountain access for the disabled

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2011 9:31 am

GREENFIELD, NH—Friday at Crotched Mountain saw the opening of the Gregg Trail, part of the first universally accessible mountain trail system.


The Crotched Mountain Foundation works to give people with disabilities access to outdoor sports like kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing.  But the mountainous terrain, full of rocks, stumps, and roots, was difficult for many of the students to navigate, making it impossible for them to simply wander through the woods and enjoy the scenery.


The new paths, built with the help of professional trail designers and volunteers, are wide and clear to allow for wheelchair access. Visitors will travel through a variety of terrain, including meadows and wetlands, as they journey up the mountain.


Chelsea Fernandes, the 2011 valedictorian of Crotched Mountain School, said, “It allows us in the disabled community to experience nature just like everybody else. It’s wonderful.”


The new trail is named after the Gregg family, who are very active in the Crotched Mountain Foundation. Harry Gregg first founded a polio clinic in the area in the 1950’s, which evolved into the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center.

(Photo courtesy Union Leader.)