Did the Norwegian Ski Team purchase the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2011 12:25 pm

It has been three years since the passing of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on June 25, 2009. This weekend, fans alike were outside the Jackson family home in Encino, CA hanging outside and taking pictures in memorandum. There was also an auction that happened as well in Southern California.

The most popular iconic piece of music memorabilia was auctioned in Beverly Hills at Julian’s Auctions on Sunday, June 26. Michael Jackson’s famously worn red and black “Thriller” jacket sold for an astounding record price of $1.8 million. Featured in the groundbreaking music video short for the single “Thriller,” the jacket became one of Jackson’s most identifiable articles, so much so that he continued to use jackets of similar designs when performing the song throughout his career. Also, everyone and their mother (or just the kids like me) went out to buy and sport jacket replicas. You weren’t cool unless you had a replica thriller jacket in the 80s.

Deborah Nadoolman Landis designed the jacket, and it was given by Michael Jackson to his longtime costume designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. It is inscribed on the inside lining reading: “To Bush and Dennis, All My Love, Michael Jackson.” The sleeve is also signed “Love Michael Jackson.”

Bidders from all over the universe (yes, aliens may have been there) traveled to attempt to win the biggest and baddest Pop Icon clothing item ever to date. In person, phone bidders, and even bidders online were representing countries such as New Zealand, China and all over Europe. However did anyone from the Men’s Norwegian Ski Team bid? 

My reports could not undoubtably conclude that either Aksel Lund Svidal, Kjetil Andre Aamodt or Lars Elton Myhre from the powerhouse Norwegian Ski Team either made a journey to Beverly Hills to bid in person, or try via phone or online to win Mr. Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket. They are fans of Michael Jackson and the “Thriller” album, specifically “Beat It.” The sexy ski racers made a dancing video (featured below with coach Tron Moger) honoring The King of Pop on the slopes of Portillo, Chile in September 2009. No replica jackets were worn but at least rocked out in their red ski boots. Are their moves as good as The King of Pop’s? Hmmm…


So if the Men’s Norwegian Ski Team didn’t get the “Thriller” jacket, who did? His name is Milton Verret of Austin, Texas. He announced he would like it displayed at the Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, which was a part of his sole purpose in buying the jacket – to raise money for children’s charities and hospitals around the world in honor of Jackson.