Maxwell Fire Burns in Boulder

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2011 12:44 pm

Boulder Colorado is battling yet another forest fire. The Maxwell fire is burning in the Lefthand Canyon and has left 340 homes on call to evacuate. This is not the first time that Lefthand Canyon has battled flames this year. In March a fire burned 200-300 acres in the canyon. Sunday’s temperature of 90-plus and low humidity fueled the fire to grow rapidly.

The Maxwell fire started around 5pm on Sunday. 340 homes were initially ordered to evacuate but that order has been lifted and.  Residents are now on call to leave at any notice. Firefighters have been called in to create a firebreak and air tankers are being used to spread retardant on the fire. The fire has reached over 100 acres and is still growing. 

Monday’s firefighters have called for more air support and more ground forces.  Monday’s 70% humidity has helped the firefighter gain 25% control of the fire. No large growth has been seen since early Monday morning. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. But this is the third fire that has started near an off-highway area.  The fire is heading toward the burned area from the fire in March. Firefighters hope that the fire will burn itself out.

Evacuation center has been set up at the YMCA at 2850 Mapleton Ave. There have been road closures in the area as well. Lefthand Canyon at North Foothills Highway. Residents with identification are being allowed on Olde Stage Road. James Canyon Drive at Lefthand Canyon Drive to Olde Stage Road. Old Stage Road at Lefthand Canyon Drive to James Canyon Drive.

Picture of a resident in Lefthand Canyon watching the fire from his balcony. 

(Picture by of Nick Oxford)