Cliffhanger: The Biggest and Greenest Outdoors Event Festival in the UK

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 29, 2011 11:50 am

Sheffield residents of the UK aren’t celebrating the Fourth of July like we are, but they are having a different celebration: one dedicated to outdoor sports. Cliffhanger is this weekend, a festival that calls itself “The UK’s biggest outdoors event for outdoors people.”

Last year, over 20,000 people came to the event. Matt Heason, the Cliffhanger director, commented, “We’re delighted that more people come to Cliffhanger every year to be inspired and have a go at a huge range of adventure sports and family friendly activities.” He said the festival will feature “everything from extreme sports like climbing, stunt-mountain biking and parkour free-running to more traditional sports like bowling, angling and archery. New to Cliffhanger this year are hard-court bike polo and the mountain bike pump track as well as the UK’s first ever ultra-sprint orienteering race run in a specially built labyrinth.” Also, one of the big attractions of the weekend is the IFSC Bouldering World Cup.

In addition to putting together this huge event, organizers are focused on making it more eco-friendly than ever. Matt Heason has commissioned an environmental audit in attempt to reduce the festival’s impact on the environment. About the audit, Matt told a local magazine, “We’re conscious that the shoe-size of our carbon footprint is growing. We already provide a free park-and-ride bus service, and encourage people to walk or come by bike but we know there’s lots more we can do. We’ll look at how Cliffhanger can cut waste, prevent pollution and use its resources more wisely. We’ll measure how much energy the event uses and see if there’s scope for solar, wind or water power.”

The festival is taking place July 2 and 3rd. For more info, check out the website.