See more than 30 Volcano Domes at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 29, 2011 9:06 am

MINERAL, CA –The panorama encompassing the Lassen Volcanic National Park‘s varied landscapes could be the setting of an epic or, alternatively, your next vacation. This destination is currently being featured this week in the National Park Getaway series of travel articles, and something you should look into.

The heterogeneous terrain presents challenges as well as beauty, the Lassen Volcanic Park is home to more than 30 volcanic domes. So if volcanoes fascinate you, as they do I, it is a worthy sojourn. You are rewarded with a visual adventure of seeing mountains, meadows, and hydrothermal features and you don’t need to fly to Iceland to do it either.  

The National Parks specifically describe the area with poetry: “Gray and buff-colored mountainsides slope downward, occasionally interrupted by milky patches of snow and often scored by conical evergreens. In quasi-infernal realms, steam rises from rock-strewn ground, and pools of bubbling mud hiss and belch. In still other regions, lush fields and clear waters spread forth, accented by yellow and purple wildflowers.”

Check out this week’s installment at to learn about activities to try and sights not to miss as you make your own odyssey through the park. Each Getaway spot can factor into a quest to discover the natural, historical, and cultural riches of the United States. There is so much wonder and beauty in America, people forget we have so much and travel to far away places.  Sometimes beauty is just a turn around the bend in one of our 394 National parks.