Skydiving at Electric Daisy Carnival – Sparking Interests

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 29, 2011 11:08 am

A strong fascination with skydiving becomes apparent after the Red Bull skydiving team dives into the crowds of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada this past weekend.  Over the three-day festival approximately 240,000 people attended the 8p.m.-6a.m. event making it the largest electronic dance festival outside Europe.  On Sunday with approximately 80,000 people in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Red Bull skydiving team leapt from planes with cameras on their heads and sparkler trails (or whatever you call the sparkling fiery trail fallowing each diver) behind them. 

With six stages and light shows going on it would seem difficult to grab the attention of this crowd to look upwards but Red Bull and Insomniac (the producers of Electric Daisy Carnival) worked perfectly together to not only build the anticipation of the jump but to keep all eyes on the jumpers the entire time. 

Around 2 a.m. the main stages side screens change from projecting a performance enhancing video for the current performer Swedish House Mafia to the live footage of a skydiver with a camera attached to his helmet aimed back at his face while he looked down into the crowd waiting to jump.  The crowd pointed and yelled in fascination and awe egging him on to jump.  As the music built up more and more the crowd became more and more engrossed in this man with a camera on his head soaring high above them in the crowd.  Then with music in cue he jumped and the audience swiveled to look upwards to see 3 to 4 instant streams of sparklers ignite and soar through the sky.  The audience absolutely loved it and many people stopped to look up and stare at these skydivers diving into the carnival field of 80,000 people.  As the skydivers came down they twirled and spun around causing the sparklers behind them to create unique patterns of fire in the sky.  This added danger of spinning with sparkling firecrackers shows how amazing this Red Bull skydiving team truly is.



                                                          Skydivers with firecracker streamers: Beginning through 1:11

           But it gets better because the entire jump was filmed and streamed live onto the massive screens on the side of the stages while music and lights continued to flash.  A perfect birds eye view of the massive carnival was projected onto the screen and audience members looked back and forth between the screen and the sky where they saw the skydivers approaching.  Even better, the skydivers landed on the speedway in plain sight of everyone.  The excitement of the crowd was overwhelming as people danced and jumped to the music yelling and pointing towards the skydivers. 


                                                                                Side screens projecting live helmet camera footage from one skydiver

          This seemingly unlikely pair of a techno-rave carnival and the extreme sport of skydiving was a complete hit at the 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.  Does this mean future events similar to this one will also have skydivers or something of a similar nature?  Or does this simply hint at the populations growing fascination with the daring sport of skydiving?  Either way it is safe to say these skydivers went out with a bang.