3 Fun Things to do with your Old Skis and Snowboards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 30, 2011 11:37 am

          After buying new equipment it is hard to know what to do with your old skis or snowboards.  Leaving them around the house or in the garage seems to end up happening most of the time but have you ever thought of doing something else?  In fact you can do a lot with old skis and snowboards.  You can donate to thrift stores and disabled sports programs, make cool art or furniture or even use them as rocks skis/boards. 

1. Donate:

          Unfortunately there are many people who cannot enjoy skiing or snowboarding simply because it costs so much.  There are also a lot of programs that help the disabled ski and snowboard but  run solely based on donations.  Any old equipment whether it be skis or a snowboard or even poles and bindings can help individuals and disabled sports programs.  Donating to thrift stores is a huge help!  Or if you are interested in helping the disabled, many big resorts offer disabled programs and accept donations. 


2. Art/Furniture:

          Looking for a summer project or want to redecorate?  There are so many amazing pieces of furniture that are easy to make using old skis and snowboards.  Check out what some people already made:




          Chairs, benches, wine racks and trash bins are easy to make and your friends will definitely be asking where you got them!  Make them jealous with cool new pieces in your house. What else can you think of making?


3. Rock Skis/Snowboard:

          What are rock skis or a rock snowboard? It is a term I use among friends a family for an old pair of skis or a snowboard that we don’t really care about anymore.  If I get a new pair of skis I don’t really need my old pair right?  Well when the next season starts I don’t want to trash my new equipment on the rocks that are still poking through, so I use my “rock skis.”  If I ride over a few rocks or pebbles and completely tear up the base and edges of my skis and board it is not a big deal because they are not my main skis.  So if you are planning on catching the first days of the season next year consider keeping your old equipment around so you don’t have to ruin your perfectly new skis or snowboard.