Urban Arctic: Watch Episode 3 of Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 30, 2011 11:18 am

If you haven’t seen any of the Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland series “Rough. Real. Remote,” you need to start now. Former Olympic Skier Arne Hardenberg and Austrian Snowboard Pro Stefan Gimpl voyaged in the the northern region of Greenland and are up to all sorts of cool things.

Their 3rd Episode is titled, “Urban Artic,” and the guys hit Sisimiut, the 2nd largest town in Greenland. Sisimiut has a population of 5,500 and that’s not including the 1,200 sled dogs there.

Anyone up for some soccer at -10 degrees? Catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live be a part of the artic urban lifestyle below.

To check out pictures and get more information on the Rough. Real. Remote in Greenland series, visit the Destination Arctic Circle’s website at: http://www.arcticcircle.gl/



                                                                 Urban Arctic from Destination Arctic Circle on Vimeo.