Rough Riders: Watch Episode 4 of Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 1, 2011 9:09 am

I hope you’re watching because Episode 4 is available in the Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland series “Rough. Real. Remote.”  The next episode is called “Rough Riders,” and former Olympic Skier Arne Hardenberg and Austrian Snowboard Pro Stefan Gimpl hooked up with brothers Deo and Krister Støvlbæk for some snowmobiling action, Greenland style.

Arne and Stefan joined Deo and Krister in Sisimiut (the 2nd largest town in Greenland featured in Episode 3 of the series). The brothers have been riding snowmobiles since they were in their cribs practically, however everyone in Greenland is familiar with and gets around in them.

According to Destination Arctic Circle, these are the top five things residents of Greenland use their snowmobiles for:

1) Taking our kids to school
2) Taxis
3) Moving building materials
4) Ski lifts
5) Sailing on springtime fiords

Check out “Rough Riders” now!


                                                                     Rough Riders from Destination Arctic Circle on Vimeo.