Snowboarding Movie-MTV style

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 1, 2011 12:42 pm


Leave it to MTV to take snowboarding and turn it into a teen drama full of corny secretes. MTV’s recently aired film “The Truth Below” focuses on four college friends on a snowboarding trip, which results with all of them trapped in a car buried by an avalanche. The four friends soon learn that they don’t know each other as well as they thought. Regrets, secretes, betrayals, and emotions are revealed by all the characters in what they think are their final days. 

“The Truth Below” has a very similar plot line as the famous movie, “The Breakfast Club” minus the happy ending. People from different backgrounds and stories are forced together and their true characters are revealed. “The Truth Below” is placed in the teen thriller category. If you are into hearing freshmen college student complain about their life and problems then this is a perfect movie for you. If you are looking for a snowboarding movie like “Johnny Tsunami” or “Old Cold” you will not find it in the teen suspense flick. Even Disney is able to capture the fun and excitement of snowboarding. “Johnny Tsunami” was the greatest Disney Original movie of the 90′s. Who didn’t want Johnny to win the race and against Brad and the Sky’s? “Old Cold” showed the humorous side to boarding with the beer race, car pranks and the hot tub scene. These movies capture fun and exciting parts of mountain sports that people are entertained by. Why focus on the bad parts of snowboarding MTV? Why can’t you make an epic movie without the teen drama?

If you want to make your own judgment on the movie here is the trailer.