U.S. Men Ski team trains in Mammoth

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 1, 2011 11:47 am

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA – The U.S. Men’s Tech Team had “an exceptionally productive” on-snow camp at Mammoth Mountain, according to coach Mike Day.

“We’ve been busy,” Day said. “We had some days at Bachelor and a short camp in Park City, but the last camp at Mammoth was definitely the most productive.”

The unusually high snowpack in the California Sierra’s has made this training season particularly good.

“We had great weather, especially for June,” said Day. “Very good weather and reasonable overnight temperatures – with salt if we needed it – gave us decent surface conditions every day with plenty of sunshine. Everything was in our favor.”

As a result, the coaches were able to run the team through long days, training on the snow from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and running dryland, games, and recovery exercises in the afternoon. The athletes trained five straight days on-snow, a rarity “at any time,” according to Day.

“This was a different year for us,” Day said. “Compared to a year ago when it was very low volume to give the guys some rest after the Olympics. This year is the opposite, we need to get into the progressions and really address fundamental needs with some of the guys.”

Day said all athletes put in “tremendous effort.” Day said that having Ted Ligety, World Champion and World Cup Champion, at the camp helped everyone who attended.

“Obviously Ligety provides some challenges in seeing that he gets what he needs to progress, but he is a huge advantage to the rest of the team. We will spend some time training with other nations, which is clearly important, but it is also nice to know that we’ve got Ted.”

After Mammoth, the team will head to conditioning camp in Park City for several weeks, followed by on-snow training in New Zealand at the end of July.

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