Record heat in Phoenix while record 4th of July skiing conditions

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 4, 2011 8:49 am

Below is a report from the Associated Press regarding residents in Phoenix, Arizona loosing electricity due to winds taking down power lines. The issue right now with no electricity for those certain residents is it is over 110 degrees and they without air conditioning. They really should just pack their cars now and head to the mountains for the Fourth of July skiing and boarding happening right now.

While Phoenix is breaking records with heat, there are eleven ski resorts on the western part of the United States open and welcoming skiers and boarders this holiday weekend. The mountains are delivering some last slope fun as well as instant, natural air conditioning. 


PHOENIX (AP) — Gusty winds toppled power lines, leaving thousands of suburban Phoenix customers without air conditioning in record-setting heat. The temperature yesterday hit 118 degrees, breaking a 10-year-old record. For others, the holiday weekend is about snow. Ski areas in the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains are still open due to record snows.