BEARTek Audio Control Gloves available for Skiers/Snowboarders next season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 5, 2011 11:44 am

It’s time to make listening to your tunes a whole lot easier and convienant while you’re doing those double blacks. There’s nothing worse than needing to stop and re-adjust for soundtracking your downhill adventures. With the release next season of BEARTek Audio Control Gloves, the slopes will be getting safer for all us mountain riders rocking out on the slopes.

BEARTek Audio Control Gloves which were first developed for motorcyclists will be branching out for skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, cyclists and general purpose adventures. These special, cool gloves will have a bluetooth module that can provide one-hand music controlling abilities on our mobile device

Coming out of the apparel and tech company Blue Infusion Technologies founded by Willie Blount in 2010, BEARTek (Bluetooth, Enabled, Audio, Regulation, Technology) is a passion project of Blount’s. The idea fused after he had his own difficulties of operating his music on his smartphone while riding on his motorcycle. His solution landed him with the development of this single-hand operating glove.

Some features of these unique gloves are: Fingertip control, manage phone calls, status LED, convenient enable/disable buttons and perforated fabric for hand cooling. BEARtek Gloves can work with the Droid, iPhone and other bluetooth smart devices. The music control can be used with MP3, Pandora and other music apps. The electric module in the glove can be upgraded or switched out. “To ensure the product would be within the financial reach of many of the target demographics, we’ve designed the glove with a Bluetooth module which is interchangeable with any of the glove series and other future products the company will be developing,” said Brount. 

Get ready and start saving your money for the BEARTek single-hand Audio Control Gloves. They are expected by the fall of 2011.

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