Watch the Trailer for the new MSP film, Attack of La Nina

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 5, 2011 5:35 pm

The masters at Matchstick Productions (MSP) have done it again. The official trailer for their new movie, “Attack of La Niña,” has been released today. A winter season that struck most of the country hard this past season, MSP has given us a movie so we can all remember the magic of Mother Nature.

Just as the precious little girl exclaims in the beginning of the trailer, “I don’t know why it snows so much…it’s just like magic!” Indeed, little. Indeed.

We’ve talked about it all season, the strange magic that came this La Niña year, which is a non-typical heavy snow year however Mother Nature tricked us and many ski resorts were able to remain open way past their normal slope time. Some locations showcasing the snow magic this year in the film are: Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California – the same states where skiing and boarding was happening this past Fourth of July.

You can watch the MSP Trailer for “Attack of La NinaRIGHT HERE!