Mammoth Mountain, Home to a Big Mountain and Little Racers- Chihuahua Racers that is

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2011 10:01 am

This past Fourth of July weekend was full of laughter, sunshine and good times up in Mammoth Mountain, California.  The weekend was fully scheduled with free activities in the Village ranging from live outdoor concerts every night to fireworks, kids crafts, ice cream eating contests and even a Chihuahua race on the Third.  Yes a Chihuahua race.


            So what exactly is a Chihuahua race?  It is exactly as it sounds. Two Chihuahuas would race each other down a mini raceway, with the crowds cheering and laughing in excitement.   Anyone could enter his or her little racer in hopes of being the next big winner.  Costumes were highly encouraged and it certainly drew the crowds.  In fact this race was so popular (as seen in the picture above) some people were disappointed that they couldn’t get a full view of the action.  Yet even though some people couldn’t completely see, race goers can still say they attended a Chihuahua race which is something most people have never done. 

            This comical event was a definite hit.  Adults and children had a great time together as they watched the races take place.  Even the little Chihuahua racers seemed to be having a blast themselves.  They enjoyed all of the attention the crowd gave them with some good tail wagging excitement.