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Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2011 3:29 pm

Aspen/Snowmass, CO – The brand new Power of Four Mountain Bike Race happening on Sunday, August 28, 2011 combines the four ski areas of Aspen/Snowmass 

(Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk) into a very challenging course. The diverse terrain and requirement to ride four distinct mountains makes this biking race event the only one of its kind. In a follow-up to the acclaimed launch of the Power of Four series which began with a ski touring race in March 2011, the Power of Four Mountain Bike Race should not be missed.

Consisting of solo racers and relay teams of either two or four people, there will be many representing the avid Aspen/Snowmass bike community as well as bikers from across the country. Racers will start at the base of Snowmass and end at the Sundeck at the top of Aspen Mountain.  With an estimated 11,000′ vertical gain, 9,000′ vertical drop over 33 miles on top rated single track, demanding double track ascents and coverage over the four mountains of this race will challenge even the most fit riders.

Here are the details on the Race Course (subject to change):

  • Stage 1:  Snowmass
    • Start at 8 a.m. in Base Village (at the base of the Village Express lift in Snowmass)
    • Ride up Snowmass to the base of Big Burn/Ullrhof to Cross Mountain Trail
    • Cross Mountain trail over to Elk Camp Summer Road
    • Elk Camp Summer Road to top of Vapor Trail
    • Vapor trail to Government Trail, Government Trail to Buttermilk Tiehack
    • Relay at Tiehack for Teams of 4
  • Stage 2:  Buttermilk
    • Base of Tiehack to top of Buttermilk via Summer Roads
    • Top of Buttermilk to Government Trail
    • Government Trail to base of Tiehack
    • Relay at Tiehack for Teams of 2 & 4
  • Stage 3:  Aspen Highlands 
    • Tiehack parking lot to base of Highlands via the ARC bridge and up the bike path to the base of Aspen Highlands
    • Aspen Highlands Summer Road up to the Grand Traverse
    • Grand Traverse to the Congo Trail
    • Congo Trail down to Castle Cree

      k Road
    • Relay for Teams of 4 at Castle Creek Road/Midnight Mine Road
  • Stage 4:  Aspen Mountain
    • Castle Creek Road to Midnight Mine Road
    • Midnight Mine road to Little Annie’s intersection
    • Little Annie’s to top of Richmond Ridge
    • Richmond Ridge to East Rim Singletrack
    • East Rim to Aspen Mountain Summer Road Crossing
    • Summer Road to top of Aspen Mountain
    • Finish line at the top of Aspen Mountain at the Sundeck


Solo race categories: Male, Female, Singlespeed

Teams of two relay race categories: Male, Female, Co-ed 
Team Member 1: Snowmass & Buttermilk 
Team Member 2: Aspen Highlands & Aspen Mountain

Teams of four relay race categories: Male, Female, Co-ed 
Team Member 1: Snowmass (to Tiehack on Buttermilk) 
Team Member 2: Buttermilk 
Team Member 3: Aspen Highlands 
Team Member 4: Aspen Mountain

Registration is now open at

Registration costs are $100 for solo racers; $175 for teams of two and $200 for teams of four.

(photo above Aspen/Snowmass, by Jeremy Swanson)