Time to watch TAKE OFF: A 2009 Korean Ski Jumping Movie

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2011 11:08 am

Are you ready for a South Korean tale of five men who form a Korean Ski Jumping Team as a part of the campaign for the small Korean town of Muju, North Jeolla Province to win the bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics? Since South Korea is currently celebrating Pyeongchang winning it’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, it seems like renting a movie with this story is the right thing to do this week.

The South Korean sports drama, TAKE OFF (or SKI JUMP), was released in 2009. Inspired by true events, TAKE OFF‘s story takes place in 1997 as the small town of Muju, North Jeolla Province is constructing the Muju Ski Resort but realizes it’s 2002 Winter Olympics bid campaign should be stronger by forming a Ski Jumping team. Bang (Seong Dong-il) a former ski instructor, is hired to form the team and be the team coach – Coach Bang. What a character name. Like the name, the cinematography looks just as brilliant.

The first member of the Ski Jumping Team is Bob (Ha Jeong-woo) who’s a Korean adoptee that competed in the U.S. Junior Alpine Ski Championships and currently in search of his Korean mother. Bob is hoping that being a team member will help in his search for her. The other team members Coach Bang gathers are: Kang Chil-goo (Kim Ji-seok-I), Choi Heung-cheol (Kim Dong-wuk), Ma Jae-bok (Choi Jae-hwan) and Kang Bong-goo (Lee Jae-eung).

The team trains in the summer heat with most of them, besides Bob, training in ill-equipped outfits and rickety skateboarding-like drills. Think THE MIGHTY DUCKS meets COOL RUNNINGS. In the end, the team shows off in some beautifully orchestrated Olympic Ski Jumping scenes.  

So get the popcorn, soda and candy ready for TAKE OFF. If you can’t wait until the DVD is in your hands and the popcorn is already ready, check out the HD trailer below.