Start Training Now for the Sunday River Wife Carrying Race October 8

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 7, 2011 1:13 pm

The Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship is just a few months away, which means all you husbands better be getting into shape!  The October 8-9 Fall Festival Weekend in Sunday River, Maine is home to this fantastic event and will be putting it on again this year. There are 50 teams and the woman does not have to be legally married to the male.  They compete for the grand prize of the wife’s weight in beer plus cash.  This is an event you not only don’t want to miss out on, but want to win! 


            You may think we are joking, but no we are dead serious.  This event is very serious and Sunday River has hosted it for over a decade.  They have seen couples from all across America and even Canada.  The winner of this event will not only win fame but also a change to compete in the World Championship in Finland.  Bet you didn’t know this was a real sport!


            Carrying techniques often include the piggy back position as well as the firemen’s carry but of course teams are encouraged to form their own style of carrying. The homepage for this event states that “All winners to date have employed the highly-technical Estonian carry, which has the woman upside down with arms wrapped around the man’s waist and her legs draped over his shoulders. This highly-skilled method frees the man’s arms for balance and negotiating the obstacles. The team will have a penalty added to their finish time if the “wife” is dropped”.


The course begins with an uphill run on gravel then followed by a crowd pleasing obstacle course including a 10 meter water section.  Think you can handle it? There is one hairpin turn, mud, sand and grass to. 


Registration begins September 1st online and remember only 50 teams get to compete so sign up fast. Check out the video below to see last years racers:


Husbands make sure to show your wives the ‘fallowing’ video to to warn them of the wipeouts they might be tangled into! It may seem funny now but I can’t see any woman being happy about a face down flop in a muddy puddle.