The Salomon and Bonfire snowboard teams are vacationing in your town soon

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 7, 2011 9:03 am

PORTLAND, OR – The Salomon and Bonfire team riders been working hard and now it’s time for some vacation time. They have been busy ending video, winning the team challenge and traveling the globe to get the shot and breaking themselves off. Now it’s time to do something different.

It’s time for the team to hit the road this December, a vacation worldwide resort and shop tour that will be spanning North America, Europe and Asia. Participating riders such as Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Jenny Jones and  Louif Paradis, will be taking snowboarding back to it’s roots – riding the chairlift, hanging with fellow riders and friends, and also meeting a bunch of new people along the way.

“Most of the team has spent the last several seasons killing themselves for different video projects or contests so it feels like a good time to spend a year riding resorts and having fun as a crew. Not to mention, we’re gonna make a web series and a tour video that is going to be pretty awesome,” says Bonfire and Salomon Team Manager Java Fernandez. 
You can follow the Solomon and Bonfire team through weekly team edits released throughout the season or by meeting up with them at one of the many stops. 



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