Friday Video Fun: Suzy Chaffee skis with Buddy Hackett in this Pilot Gone Wrong

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 8, 2011 11:20 am

“I believe life should be fun, but it can only be fun if you feel good. Not feel good but great!” – Suzy Chaffee

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no need to thank me for this week’s Friday Video Fun. The fact that I located this video is a reward and thanks enough – Really you have no idea the greatness you are about to witness. Let’s dissect this clip of this Suzy (Chapstick) Chaffee 1978 Pilot Gone Wrong. However for those who don’t know who Suzy (ChapStick) Chaffee is, let’s do that first.

Suzy Chaffee is a former Olympic alpine ski racer, model/actress and freestyle ballet skier in the 1970s. Out of all her accomplishments, she is best known for being the ChapStick spokesperson in the 1970s, hence her nickname, Suzy ChapStick.

Suzy also appeared in the German movie Fire and Ice or Feuer und Eis. A ski breakdancing clip from the film was our last week’s Friday’s Video Fun clip.

Okay, so now that we are squared away with who Suzy is, let’s get down to this crazy clip:

1. Suzy starts with an introduction while riding a horse. She declares she will “Take you for a ride.” That is the worst pun intention ever. To the writers here, you are probably poking more fun at the situation which means I love you but if that’s not your intention, then I hope this was your last job.

2. The lengthy opening theme song/title sequence/amazing video and picture sequence starting at 0:32 until 1:44. The only thing I can say is, “WOW.” Amazing 1978. I have missed you so.

3. I’m skipping over the next segment of another “What to expect on this episode” besides the completely genius quotation I pulled (which is at the top of this article, so please see above).

4. Wait, have I mentioned the music and the graphic text yet? 

5. Suzy skis, or shall I say i

nterviews Buddy Hackett at an unidentified ski resort on the slopes. Suzy’s laugh is contrived and strange. Buddy keeps cracking his usual jokes such as, ”Everybody skis except the dog. He did ski but he died.”

6. Buddy Hackett’s daughter skis into the frame (4:04) where Buddy is talking to Suzy. She is rocking a most delicious bright yellow ski jumpsuit. Can you say Banana Pants? Unfortunately, unlike her cool outfit, there is a slight “I’m going to strike some sort of pose so I can get hired to act on a Daytime Soap” while she’s on camera which is distracting.

So now, it’s time for you to enjoy and take a look for yourselves. Thank you Scott Starr to you and your youtube channel!