Kill some time with 360 Degrees of Interactive Video

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 8, 2011 12:58 pm

WHAT, 360 Degrees of Film? What does that mean? What can I do with it? How can someone control it? These are the questions that came into my mind when I first saw the caption. The whole topic is confusing but here a small description of how it works and how you can use it.

This interactive video has a cameraperson snowboarding down a hill with multiple cameras attached to him. Each camera is pointing in a different direction and capturing different riders and angles. You can see the cameraman’s shadow in some shots to get a better idea of how it looks. All the shots are then stitched together to give the viewer one large panorama view. The viewers are able to control where they would like to look with the arrow keys. So if the rider on the left is not killing it then try the rider on the right. It is very simple once you get a hang of it. Check it out for yourself. 

After using the 360-degree of video once, its hard not to use it again. It’s almost a game. What’s going on behind me? Is there a rider on my right? Always trying to get the best shot of riders. Cruising through the powder makes you feel as if you were actually riding. Following riders down the pipe trying to get them in the frame while they catch some air. I must have played the video 5 times before I noticed all the riders in all directions. Maybe this is the start of many cinematographers’ careers.

This is an amazing new type of film that might become more popular. I cannot stop playing the video. I am trying to get the best angles of riders. It must have taken me four times to catch the skiiers busting front flips off the jumps. I can’t spot playing this video! I feel like a cameraman trying to get the best shots of riders. I hope you enjoy this video/game as much as I am.

Video shot on location in Laax, Switzerland.