Now Playing on The Ski Channel: The Art of Skeleton

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 11, 2011 8:13 am

About 90 mph with only a helmet on. Planked face-down on a sled. If one is not careful, there will be a different type of Skeleton art from resulting in a serious crash on the hard, iced track. Of course the mighty Swiss originated this sport. 

The Ski Channel Presents: The Art of Skeleton, a look inside the U.S Skeleton team from the athlete’s perspective. Why do they love the sport so much? Is it the rush, the danger, or just the mathematical athleticism of it? Take time out of your busy day and apply the extreme focus the team does on a daily basis to watching The Art of Skeleton. This is sport art at its finest level.


Catch The Art of Skeleton on The Ski Channel now until October 10 – before it passes you by.

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Check out a taste of the action from The Art of Skeleton below: