Remote Controlled Helicopter Snowboarding Footage

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 11, 2011 11:18 am

RC Aerial Cam Production might have the newest way to capture the best angles of snowboarding and skiing. The company delivers high definition aerial footage from remote controlled helicopters. The small and maneuverable helicopters allow cameras to get closer to the riders and capture the best angles without distracting athletes and the elements. The helicopters can squeeze into smaller spaces and get the best eye level footage.

The helicopters have a visibility of about 1200 feet. There are some safety precautions that must be passed before the pilot deems the area safe. Weather conditions must be ideal and area must be surveyed for the helicopter to take flight.

The services that RC Aerial Cam Productions provide can fit everyone’s budge. The first bonus is it is much more affordable then real helicopter service. Aerial Cam can film anything from weddings to landscape and our favorite, snow sports. The RC Aerial crew consists of a pilot and a camera operator.

Check out the amazing snow footage they are able to capture.  More information can be found at

RC Aerial Cam Snow Reel from Rc Aerial Cam on Vimeo.