Replicate your skis and snowboard soon with this 3D Printer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 11, 2011 3:25 pm

The time has arrived. It is now proven possible to make a replicant 3D copy of an item using a very special copy machine. Now of course we at The Ski Channel feel that making replicas of one’s skis, snowboards, boots, goggles and helmet (yes and poles too) is high on the priority list. Soon we will want to use our 3D copied equipment while we are skiing on the mountains on Pluto. You think I am joking now but since technology has now advanced to make 3D copies of items, skiing on Pluto is just around the corner! Or maybe I should say just around the planet? Yeah, I don’t care if Pluto is no longer considered a planet anymore. It will always be a planet to me.

This 3D manufacturing technology copying machine is called a ZPrinter, and it is truly mind blowing. Think of it as your basic copying machine needing replacement material copying cartridges rather than ink cartridges, and instead of pulling the copied paper out of the tray you dig out your 3D copied item out from dust. The ZPrinter is also a little more money than your average copy machine. In 2009, one of these ZPrinters cost almost $26,000.

David Kaplan, a Theoretical Physicist on the National Geographic Channel show Known Universe, takes a journey to The Z Corporation in Burlington, Massachusetts to see just what this ZPrinter is capable of doing. Joe Titlow, the Vice President of Product Management at Z Corporation, shows Kaplan how it is possible. Kaplan brings a wrench with him to test the ZPrinter in person. After the wrench is copied it is then also fully functional to use.

It appears the ZPrinter can only make certain sized, inanimate 3D copies at this time. It would be very scary if it would be possible for anything else – Cue some sort of space cloning music. Oh, and also it’s against the law for human cloning so no need to worry yet.

All I can say is the Z Corporation better start making bigger machines for our skis and snowboards. Mark my words, we’ll be launching for some skiing and snowboarding fun on Pluto soon, and I need to make some ski copies before I go.

Check out a clip from the episode of Known Universe showcasing and explaining this insane, space age technology. 

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