Pristine Peaks: Watch Episode 5 of Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2011 9:43 am

On the 5th episode of Destination Arctic Circle – Greenland series “Rough. Real. Remote,” Former Olympic Skier Arne Hardenberg and Austrian Snowboard Pro Stefan Gimpl get into the vast beauty of Greenland heliskiing and heliboarding. So basically a heli-good time.

“Heliskiing in Destination Arctic Circle is peak to beach riding in a super remote backcountry only accessible by helicopter”, said Arne. The team went to experience the Kangaamiut Mountains for an epic day of powder riding.

Bjørn Pileskog, their trusty and awesome helicopter pilot, was their perfect guide in their days in the Kangaamiut Mountains. They say timing is everything, and Pileskog was able to deliver perfect timing for the guys. The peaks they skied and boarded were more than pristine. They are nirvana.

To check out pictures and get more information on the “Rough. Real. Remote” in Greenland series, visit the Destination Arctic Circle’s website at:


                                                                       Pristine Peaks from Destination Arctic Circle on Vimeo.