Caroline Graham developed BRILLIANT ski boot bag

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 13, 2011 12:25 pm

As a keen skier, Caroline Graham traveled has to America, Japan, Australia and Europe every year following the snow. But in February 2008, during a trip to Park City, Utah where she lugged her awkward boot bag through multiple airports and hotels, Caroline thought there must be an easier way to travel with ski boots. Caroline Graham developed and has carried through with her ‘light bulb’ moment and created a revolutionary ski bag.

As any experienced skier knows, ski boots are one of the best investments you can make. Boots fitted to your own foot provide comfort and match your specific skill level. At the time of Caroline’s idea, the only way to travel with ski boots was to either pack them into other luggage, or carry them in a flimsy and cheap nylon bag slung across your shoulder.”To my absolute amazement, there was nothing that even resembled what I was looking for,” explains Caroline. “I didn’t want a backpack or a duffel bag. I thought my investment deserved some protection and style and I thought I deserved to save my back and shoulders!”

Caroline set about designing a piece of luggage unlike any other on the market: a stylish, durable and practical ski boot bag on wheels. Something that can easily fits ski boots, clothing, a ski helmet and even a laptop.

“This is absolutely my baby!” says Caroline. “When I first had my light bulb moment, I had no idea the extent and lengths I’d go to see it come to fruition. I am so excited by the final product.”

Caroline launched the SKBoot internationally at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado in January 2010 with great response. Ski Canada magazine called it the “finest bag on the slopes.” The SKBoot is now in several retail shops and online across the United States, Australia and can be bought online in most other countries.”I look at how far I’ve come and the fact that I’ve followed a dream and it’s all tremendously gratifying.”

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