The Grand Bizarre: The official trailer is bloody bizarre

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 13, 2011 5:29 pm

Bizarre (Adjective): Strangepeculiaroddfunnycuriousoutlandishabnormaleccentricunconventionalunusualextraordinary. Also: weirdwackyoddballway outkookyfreakyoff the walloffbeat.

So is the new Poor Boyz Production’s film, “The Grand Bizarre,” really all those adjectives? You can be the judge watching the official trailer that they just dropped. Featuring the skills and tricks of big namers like Bobby Brown, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson and Dane Tudor, a part of me wants to re-name it, “The Grand Poobahs.” 

For one thing I will say, it is definitely bloody bizarre. However, I’m not using the word bloody in the way our friends across the pond frequently use it. I mean for realz (I’m adding the z to be cool like our Poor Boyz friends) bloody. Point in case specifically in the official trailer below at 2:58.  Oh yes, there will be blood. Well, bloody heads to be exact.

Take a look and then send the crew at Poor Boyz a memo of what a fantastic job they keep doing…



The Grand Bizarre (Official Trailer) from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.