2011 ESPY Awards: Where was Shaun White

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 14, 2011 8:56 am

More good times were had at this year’s 2011 ESPYS last night in Los Angeles, CA. Athletes and celebrities alike came out to enjoy the red carpet and all the ESPY festivities. Our favorite winning Olympic snow sport athletes Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn were victorious again this year adding more ESPYS to their already heavy awards shelves. Lindsey looked stunning in her short, gold delicious dress. However, where was Shaun White? Before I begin addressing questions on his whereabouts, let’s give him congratulations and take a look at his record win.

This year, Shaun White’s ESPY win is his seventh. That’s right, seventh. Shaun is the 2011 ESPY Best Male Action Sports Athlete, which he has now claimed four years in a row. I believe he will be dressing up all his ESPYS as the Seven Dwarfs. I cannot confirm at this time that he will also pretend to be Snow White, but I would if I was him. Shaun White and the Seven Dwarfs…ESPYS. 

However, has Shaun actually taken on the role of Disney’s Snow White with his seven EPSYS? It seems he has become lost in the forest and is nowhere to be found. I don’t want to alarm anyone becuase there is no immediate danger but there is no recent Shaun White tweets, facebook messages, or pictures about the award or anything since July 7. We here at The Ski Channel have been researching all morning long trying to find any pictures, video and other information of Shaun even having had attend last night’s awards. So far we are coming up short. We even just tweeted at him but no reply back yet.

Every article being released about Shaun’s win last night references only the award winning itself. Many reports even have last year’s ESPY pictures of him. The only thing close to finding out if Shaun was even at the ceremony is on shreducated.com. According to them, Shaun’s award receiving just wasn’t televised. “Although it is a

pparent that Shaun White won this award, it’s not apparent why they didn’t air his victory. Unfortunately his time seemed to be taken up by Bieber who isn’t an athlete at all. It just goes to show that action sports aren’t taken as seriously as other sports.”  
Good grief, if they didn’t air Shaun’s acceptance speech because they wanted more of Justin Bieber, something is really wrong with the ESPYS.

Regardless, there are no pictures of Shaun on the red carpet or anywhere at the EPSYS. Did the ESPYS just not do the Best Male/Female Action Sports awards live? Did ESPN even give him any televised face time? I don’t remember seeing anything. Was he sporting Harry Potter’s invisible cloak last night? Even if he was wearing some sort of invisible cloak, he’s hair and personality are too bright to hide him.

Shaun rarely if ever misses out on awards action. The last tweet he sent was on July 7 in New York City urging fans to get to the Oakley store in Times Square.. He also had some Forth of July fun on a boat with friends. He must just be out of town, but this is all too strange for us. We feel like a frustrated girlfriend who hasn’t received an update after numerous calls and texts. We are the obsessing girlfriend looking for her boyfriend, Shaun White. Please someone tell us he didn’t take a succulent red apple from a scary old women while on the streets of New York. Don’t say it’s not possible because I’ve seen some crazy things happen in that city.

The photo above is the most recent photo of Shaun White while he was interviewed at the Tribeca Grand by JEAN E. PALMIERI from MEN’SWEEK (www.wwd.com), posted today. Perhaps we should contact her.