Los Angeles Carmageddon could lead to Skiing in the Streets

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 15, 2011 4:12 pm

If you have not heard about Carmageddon getting ready to explode in Los Angeles, CA, then I believe you are living under a rock or are in the remote mountains – hopefully Mammoth Mountain. For those who are under some sort of heavy boulder, I will give you the brief lowdown. 

Starting this evening at 10PM (PST) on Friday, July 15 until Monday morning, July 18 at 5AM (PST), 10 miles of one of the busiest freeways in the country will be closed. The 405, which houses millions of travelers, will be closed at the on-and off-ramps in both directions between the 10 and the 101 freeways. When this information first hit the streets, everyone got scared. Why? Well, everyone drives everywhere in Los Angeles. The city is so spread a part that people have to commute to various places from the San Fernando valley to the Westside of Los Angeles using this route. 

Since this popular freeway route will be closed, people are estimating one of the worst gridlocked situations to ever hit the city. Expecting the worse, many are just staying home this weekend. Carmaggeddon, Carpocalypse, and the terms go on and on. However, there is some good news. A new breed of transportation could be springing into action – Skiing in the Streets. Kind of like Dancing in the Streets but better, and perhaps more effective regarding traveling.

It’s been done already in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington and I think Los Angeles, CA will begin to drive this idea to the streets this weekend. Noah Clow and Connor Wright prove that it is both possible and a good form of transportation (see video of them below). We all experience great speeds as we race around the slopes. Yes, we are going downhill but we also do a lot of traversing. Skiing in the streets may be the answer for Los Angelians since no one likes to walk and many people are not bikers. It’s time to get out your old skis and snowboards. Like our Washington friends Noah and Connor, you can also go to your local thrift store to buy some cheap equipment. Please don’t use your new skis/boards because that would be silly. Get in your boots and strap into your new mode of traveling!

Skiing in the streets, or snowboarding, will save you a lot of money. Though, I would probably give yourselves some extra time depending on where you are headed. Also, please remember to wear your helmets. We wouldn’t want any Skimageddon happening…or would we?