Tina Nardi gives very generous donation to High Fives

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 21, 2011 12:07 pm

Tina Nari has given the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation a very generous donation. Read Tina’s story below. 

You can also check out more on Tina at here Tina vs. Tree website located at: www.tinavstree.com.

Tina’s Story:

“I was skiing in the Comma Chutes at Snowbird (UT) in early March when I ran into 2 trees. The first one I took with my knee, which then flipped me perpendicular to the 2nd tree which I took across my chest, impaling me in the chest with a branch. Due to the location of the branch they sent my on Life Flight to make sure no major arteries, or my lungs were hit, thankfully none were and all is well… just a flesh wound.

I did not have health insurance and my friends who, learning of this, started TinavsTree.com in hopes that it would help a little with the bills. Well, little did anyone know how far the site would reach and how well the site would do in raising funds for medical bills. I did a lot of work trying to get bills lowered and thankfully it all paid off. So much so that we have an excess in the fund raising account, of which I would love to pay it forward to High Fives. (My sister) Kendra introduced me to the foundation a few years ago and I’ve always thought it a wonderful way to aid injured athletes, especially ones with life changing injuries. I am so thankful for how minor my injury turned out, how generous my community of friends and family are and that I can pass along the great fortune to you and High Fives to be used for the same reason people donated to me.” - Tina Nardi