Hiking Teens Mauled by Grizzly Bear near Anchorage

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 25, 2011 2:45 pm

A group of seven teenagers was attacked by a mother grizzly and her cub on Saturday, near Denali Naitonal Park in Alaska The two teens most seriously injured are now reported to be in improved condition.

Samuel Gottsegen, 17, of Denver, and Joshua Berg, 17, of New City, N.Y., were leading a group of fellow National Outdoor Leadership School students on a hike, as part of the month-long instruction in wilderness backpacking. Though they were not accompanied by an instructor, other members of the group report that the teens were using proper outdoors techniques of  staying in a group and calling to each other to alert animals in the area to their presence. This did not deter the female grizzly bear from attacking in defence of her cub. Gottsegen and Berg took the brunt of the attack and recieved life-threatening injuries.

After the attack, the group activated a signal beacon. Late Saturday night, they were rescued by air. The serious injuries, from the attack and exposure to the elements, were taken by National Guard Helicopter to the Providence Alaska Medical Center. Gottsegen had a punctured chest and collapsed lung in addition to a bite on his head, his father said. Berg suffered bite and claw injuries.