Shaun White Preparing for Summer X Games

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 26, 2011 2:30 pm

The Summer X Games begins this weekend, as they hustle to set up new events and difficult conditions to challenge the world’s most extreme athletes.

I wonder if the year has finally come that Shaun White will surpass Tony Hawk’s achievement by landing the first 1080 in skateboard history. Shaun has been competing on the Dew Tour all summer and has plenty of experience with 1080s on a snowboard, but no one has achieved the spin on a skateboard.

Shaun has been preparing in Los Angeles all week and is now down to the final days before possibly extending his lead as the most decorated X Games athlete of all time.

The X Games’ newest event, Real Street, is also gathering a lot of attention by throwing skaters into real situations in the Los Angeles area and seeing who can muster up the greatest creativity to achieve X Games gold.

As we enter the final days, some of the events are still being constructed, but they are posting pictures of what to expect on the X Games Facebook page.  

Another X Games athlete, Travis Pastrana is sure to make this year exciting for rally cross and Moto X as he attempts to go for five more medals, racking up his grand total to a possible twenty-one medals.

You can check out the X Games on ESPN and on starting this Thursday, July 28, and continuing on to Sunday, July 31.