Even Celebrities Hike: Martha Stewart Plans A Hike for her 70th Birthday

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 27, 2011 11:18 am

Many of us know her for her cooking and home décor and others know her for cheating the stock market and then getting caught.   Yet however you know her, everyone knows of Martha Stewart.   Next week on August 3, Martha will be turning 70 but that isn’t stopping her from anything. 


It may come as a shock to you as it did to me to learn that Martha Stewart is planning a hiking and sailing trip with friends for her birthday.  This is awesome! Instead of having a lavish  P. Diddy-like white party, she will be sailing around the islands off the coast of Maine and having picnics on her boat says contactmusic.com.  This should be a tame hiking excursion for Martha who has previously trekked in the Himalayas with friends in northern Sikkim (pictured right). 

No big deal right?!  Who knew Martha was so into hiking?  This woman clearly does it all.


This goes to show how amazing spending time outdoors really is.  Martha Stewart can do anything she wants on her birthday and she chooses to spend time with Mother Nature. If this does not inspire you to get up and go for a hike or spend time outdoors I am not sure what will.  


So happy early 70th birthday Martha Stewart!  And keeping on hiking.