Crazy new Ski Trailer by Chaoz Productions: Broken Record, to Premier Aug. 27

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 28, 2011 11:39 am


          I’m not sure if it’s the music, the fact that the shots are in unbelievable locations, or if its the fact that these skiers are pulling crazy flips in all directions, but this movie trailer has truly caught my eye.  This new film Broken Record by Chaoz Productions is premiering August 27 in Oslo, Norway.  At least we don’t have to wait that long to see the whole thing. 


          The whole movie is shot in Norway, on locations such as Stranda, Narvik, Oksfjord, Sogndal, Oslo, Hamar, Hemsedal and more.  It features: Ane Enderud, Grete Eliassen, Gaute Silseth, Fridtjof Fredricsson, PC Fosse, Karina Hollekim, Phil Meier, Thomas Dolplads, Lasse Nyhaugen, Kim Boberg, Lars Haakon Hafsal, Dennis Risvoll, Viktor Asander, Oskar Pedersen and more.

           This European film looks unreal.  Check out these still pictures from the film (thanks to New Schoolers) and defiantly watch the trailer below: