The Beefiest Offering Ever: The Official Trailer for Prime Cut

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 1, 2011 12:51 pm

Meathead Films on the east coast and Canada has just dropped the trailer for their 2011 films called, “Prime Cut.” They claim it’s the “beefiest offering ever,” and I think they may be correct. I think it has the potential of being the beefiest and baddest collection of tricks, spills and lines in the history of ski films. I know, that’s a big claim for me to make.

Point in case to 1:11 in the trailer for “Prime Cut.” They actually built a ramp of sorts in a waste management bin, ski in and out and do a trick. That’s pretty amazing. “Prime Cut” also delivers great backcountry footage from Vermont, New Hampshire and the Chic Choc Mountains of Quebec. 

Check out the trailer below now!



“Prime Cut” Official 2011 Movie Trailer – Meathead Films from Meathead Films on Vimeo.